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Guy Desmarquets

MetreLab Research (Spain)

Senior Vice President

KK is a very dedicated business developer / sales leader / manager. He places all his focus on supporting needs and making his customers, his colleagues, and his reports successful. He is skilled in a lot of areas and this ability allows him to not only deliver on his mission but to propose business, marketing, and product related evolutions, making KK a pivotal person in an organization. He possesses truly relevant knowledge about the market and is a valuable person for strategic discussions! I recommend him for any position related to team management, business development and international business.

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Daria Thorpe

ACD/Labs (Canada)


I worked with KK for over 16 years and can attest that he is a strategic thinker with broad vision and exceptional connection network in Asia Pacific.

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Umesh Khadela

Veeva Systems

Account Partner

Our K.K. is an exceptional leader, who brings all of the skills and expertise of executive leadership from decision making to handling situations. I learnt a variety of skills like Product demonstrations, contract negotiations, solution consulting, and customer success; that help me in every aspect.
He has expertise and knowledge in the tech field, and the way he handled the overall objective of customer success, is genuinely remarkable.
He is the best leader any person can ask.
I recommend Mr. K.K. as a CxO for any company which is looking to make an impact globally.

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Vipin Malhotra

Access Infinity

Sales Manager

A true leader and his style of explaining and handling things are what differentiates him from others. I got the inspiration to do so many things which I was originally hesitant to do. His understanding of customer behavior and how to make them your partner is outstanding, we learned so much from those exercises and applied it to our benefit.
Empathy is synonymous with KK Bhagchandani sir, under his leadership, I was able to gain valuable professional experience. His belief that everyone has their own potential has always inspired me and helped me in achieving more. I'm grateful to have worked with KK Bhagchandani sir. A creative person from whom we learnt the KK way of doing things.
I would love to see him soaring high with a big organization as their Chief!

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Eng Peng Weai

PAC Instruments Asia Pte. Ltd · (Malaysia)

Sales Manager

I have known KK for more than 10 years. He is professional, knowledgeable, strategic thinking and immensely helpful to support ASEAN region business. I’m glad and happy to work with him and wish him all the best.

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Praveen Singh

Eluxier (India)


KK is an extremely passionate and hands on leader and a great sales asset. He is very methodical in his approach. KK is admired in high spirits by the customers and colleagues alike.
Building long-lasting relationships has been his true forte and something to learn from. I have benefited significantly by his mentorship!
I wish him luck for his ambitions.

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Val Kulkov

BioMolTech Corp (Canada)


KK established a network of partners, created a regional team and championed the processes to develop Asia Pacific into a significant market for ACD/Labs.

KK is a star performer. He is entrepreneurial, smart and extremely loyal to his team and to his customers. He knows how to bargain skillfully to get a better deal while not compromising on his integrity and his high ethical standards.

He is very skilled in managing human relationships and he maintains such connections with a great deal of attention and care.

KK never stops learning new skills and he pays good attention to the details. Very importantly, KK keeps his promises.

KK will be an asset.

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