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Gabriela Cimpan

ACD / Labs

Senior Director | Sales EMEA

I collaborated with KK over many years at ACD/Labs. He is a good colleague, knows his customers well and strives to be successful. He always looks for business development opportunities, has that rare quality of “thinking out of the box”, and is an excellent mentor for colleagues and his team.

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Eric M

Ocean Spray Cranberries

Global Head of Quality & Food Safety for Supplier, Supply Chain and Ingredient Technologies

Because of his knowledge of both western and Asian business practices, KK has a demonstrable ability to bring western products and services into untapped Asian/Pacific markets. When ACD/Labs was looking to expand its enterprise business into the Asia/Pacific markets, KK was valuable to help me understand company heirarchies and business pain points and their effect on value propositions from a cultural viewpoint that was often very different from that to which I was accustomed.

Furthermore, KK was an excellent liason between his customers and my product development group. He was very good at identifying business opportunities where slight modifications to existing product lines would enable us to secure significant deals. Also, I really appreciated the way KK struck an ideal balance between being an advocate for ACD/Labs and his customers. KK will be a great asset to anyone looking to expand into Asian/Pacific markets.

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Kamlesh Padiya

Lupin Research Park

Associate Director | Process Research & Development

I have known KK for more than 6 years now and it has always been a pleasure interacting with him. During my interaction with KK, I found him an analytical thinker, applying his IT skills to address common problems and requirements of scientist. KK brings with him international exposure and a lot of scientific understanding of the subject that helps him to understand pharmaceutical R & D requirements and challenges scientist are confronting. KK always exhibited a very high degree of professionalism in his approach and showed a keen interest in learning and understanding customer’s requirements. I have found him proposing workable solutions which were always acceptable by our team. KK possess solid leadership skills and leads with an example. He is very customer oriented and provides prompt and world-class support to the clients. His knowledge, desire to learn and the ability to lead, hard-work and customer-orientation will make him a success in any assignment. He will prove to be an invaluable asset for any organization and I wish him success in his future endeavors.

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Eduard Kolovanov

ACD / Labs

Sr Director | Software Development

ACD / Labs

Sr Director | Software Development

I am happy to write Recommendation. 1. KK has worked for many years as Senior Director for Asian region with us at Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs). We are a Toronto (Canada) based company, creating software for pharmaceutical, chemical and related industries. 2. Being a member of management committee; I knew KK for many many years; but for last 3 years I worked with him very closely, which allows me to recommend him for high management position in sales area or scientific (chemistry related) industry. 3. I always knew him as very friendly respectful person and a good Sales Director for Asian market, additionally in last 3 years while directly working with him I myself discovered his comprehensive talents: a. At first, KK is a very smart person; who may understand any problem, find solution and successfully work on its implementation! b. He has demonstrated his deep understanding in many areas, and it became perfectly evident when we looked at the sales of our software for Chromatography Separation and Method Development. Because of KK’s understanding and skills, he was able to successfully close many big contracts, which were more than significant for such specific software we create! Based on these outstanding achievements, he was appointed a Business Manager for development of Chromatography product line (in addition to his role as ‘Senior Director for Asia and Pacific Region’). As Senior Director of Software development I should confirm that KK demonstrated all his best skills in this area and has helped to move software to the next quality level. c. In addition, KK has demonstrated excellent presentations skills. All his presentations which I’ve seen were very systematic, easy to understand, convincing, explaining the essence of the topic; and had the most intelligible words and convincing arguments. d. He was very successful, because, he has taken into account that developing markets is not easy; where the market is not ready spent lot of money for such software. During all his work at ACD/Labs; KK proved himself as very professional, capable and a visionary person, who can solve complex tasks independently and at the highest level of quality.

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Karim Kassam

ACD / Labs

Sr Director | Technical and Scientific Services

I’ve had the pleasure of working with K K Bhagchandani for fifteen years at ACD/Labs. He is an extraordinary individual who can function equally well in business and highly technical environments. He is very well connected with key people in the pharmaceutical, life science, healthcare, and scientific software industries in Asia and has a proven record of success by recommending solutions that make his customers successful.

KK is also a recognized leader who has demonstrated that he can manage and mentor and connect with, culturally and geographically diverse teams from around the world.

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Ajit Manocha

Syngene at Biocon Limited


I have known KK for more than 7 years now and it has always been a pleasure doing business with KK. He understood our needs & challenges very well and proposed solutions which were suitable and acceptable to us. KK brings with him international exposure and a lot of scientific understanding of the subject, which helped us in arriving at decisions. He takes special care so that the support provided by his team to the clients is prompt and world-class. All these years, we got the desired ROI for all the scientific solutions proposed by KK. I wish KK, all the best for success in his endeavours.

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Antony Williams

US Environmental Protection Agency

Scientist at Center of Computational Toxicology and Exposure

KK efficiently managed the Asia & Pacific Region for ACD/Labs via his deep knowledge of the cheminformatics domain acquired from many years in the industry. He has an established network of people in the region and works hard to ensure that his customers obtain solutions according to their expectations.

KK managed a group of distributors and direct employees in his region and was willing to travel to each of the countries to immerse himself in their cultures and learn first-hand the challenges of doing business in those countries. This provided him with deep insight into the issues associated with multicultural business.

KK was primarily responsible for all business development, marketing and sales in his territory but also performed the job of application scientist when necessary. This led to extreme work hours and multitasking and he willingly took on the challenges to grow the business. KK is committed to the success of the company he works for, to the delivery of solutions to his customers and to his own growth. This has led to the successful establishment and then growth of business in Asia & Pacific Region.

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Kai Gu

Milestone Pharma

General Manager

I have known KK for almost 10 years, he is very professional and friendly. he is a great business leader with strategic thinking and prompt actions. it is always very happy to work with him

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